How a CNC Machine is Controlled

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A CNC machine is controlled through programming. Programmers are responsible for the input and patterns that the machine follows. And while it’s easy to perform basic programming functions, it can take a year to reach intermediate levels and numerous years for advanced levels. You will need to learn CNC machine programming to make the machine do what you want it to do.

How a CNC Machine is Controlled

When you turn on a machine and activate it, you’ll be using programming that assumes all of the mechanisms in place are perfect. For example, a program used on hardwood may need to be adjusted for plastics because the bit speed or type may cause heat to buildup and lead to melting or damage of the material.

On a deeper level, the CNC machine will use what is known as a numerical system and a series of inputs to control the machine. G-code is the “language” that is responsible for all of the actions that are carried out by the machine.

If setup properly, it’s possible to create exact designs over and over again with near flawless precision. Programmers will create the coding that will be stored in the computer’s memory and ran as per the instructions.

Essentially, you’re using a sort of robot to make the designs. 

2D and 3D CAD Drawings

There are 2D and 3D CAD drawings that are used to determine the design being followed by the machine. A programmer will follow these designs and translate them into coding that the machine will understand and follow.

Every time a new code is added, it will have to undergo testing on the desired medium to better understand if the code is accurate or not. Adjustments can always be made to adapt the coding.

3-Axis and 5-Axis Machines

A 3-axis machine will move in linear motions with the ability to operate on the:

  • X axis
  • Y axis
  • Z axis

The 5-axis machines take movement to a new level, with the ability to use two rotational axis points during an operating. The tilting is what leads to the 5-axis name because the machine can run across the three axis points above and the two tilt axis points.

CNC Machine Software

Software can be used to optimize the usage of the CNC machine. There are three main applications that are often used:

  • CAD, or computer-aided design, that is used to create 2D and 3D renderings that are used in the CNC machine’s operation.
  • CAM, or computer-aided manufacturing, which is used to extract all of the technical detail in a CAD drawing and translate it into a language that the machine itself can understand. CAM can automate the finished product of a machine and allows machines to be operated without assistance.
  • CAE, computer-aided engineering, which is responsible for analyzing all of the phases and processes in the development process. There are tools that can help in the design process along with diagnostic functions and simulations.

All of these software options and tools will run together seamlessly to ensure that the CNC machine can operate without any issues.

There are a lot of moving parts behind the operation of the machine that will dictate how the final product comes out.

In today’s modern world, a CNC machine is fully automated, or mostly automated, with pre-programmed software that can transform a CAD drawing into a finished product with the help of CAM software.

The use of computer programming, automation and advanced settings allows a user to be able to create consistent designs using the same protocols time and time again. When compared to manual operation, it would be near impossible to reach the same level of quality and consistency that a CNC machine offers over the course of multiple creations.

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